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  • PepperAgro

    We are the players in the field of Urban Farming,Organic Farming & Hydroponics

  • Are the vegetables & fruits we buy from market really healthy?

    Does pesticides and chemicals part of our daily meal?

    Is there a more healthy way of living?

    Check out Magic Plant Box & Magic Plant Box Plus for more details...

  • Magic Plant Box

    Organic Home Gardening Kit.Grow plants at home,terrace,balcony & window spaces.A little effort & lot of smile is required to grow your plants

  • Magic Plant Box Plus

    Ready to plant organic home garden kit.Start your gardening in 3 minutes!!!

  • Happy Gardening

    Your Magic Plant Box is Ready

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Pepper Agro

Pepper Agro is one of the market player in the field of urban farming & organic farming. Our motive is to enhance the living standard of urban society. We are also conducting R&D in the field of Hydroponics.

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Magic Plant Box

Magic Plant Box is an ORGANIC home gardening kit with a tested and proven international practice of growing plants in a soilless medium. All you need is little effort & space and you can now grow plants at your home!!

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Magic Plant Box Plus

Magic Plant Box Plus is a ready to use ORGANIC home gardening kit. No effort is required and you can start your gardening in 3 minutes!!!

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